Tuesday, 12 September 2006

My first (last?!) skydive

IMG_0438 copyIMG_0458 copy
IMG_0465 copyIMG_9848 copy

My brother, quite rightly, felt that there was more fun to be had plummeting head-first at 120mph towards the Earth than in having a proper job. He has spent the last 3 years skydiving, filming and photographing people's terror as they leave their senses and a perfectly good aeroplane. My Dad did his jump, leaving me with little excuse to get out of doing one myself.
The verdict? Surprisingly un-scary! Certainly less scary than jumping off the high board in the swimming pool (a few weeks ago I climbed all the way to the top, peered off the edge, and scampered back down the steps in shame...). Not scary, but a hell of a rush.
Here is a video of my efforts!


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