Thursday, 25 January 2007

Bike It

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We know that millions of children want to cycle to school in this country - yet only 4% do.
has stepped in to sort this out with
, a ground-breaking project which has already quadrupled the number of children cycling to its target schools.

I have just spent three great days in Lancaster, one of Britain’s
, helping to launch a competition to encourage more Primary school children (and teachers!) to ride to school. Details of the project, which could be used in any school, can be found
in 'Cycle Around the World Info'.

Here is a little information about the work of Bike It:

"We started Bike It two years ago with just four Officers working in 10 schools each. After great success (some of our schools have up to a third of all pupils now cycling in!), Bike It has a new manager and six new officers, including two in London. That's 10 officers across the country.

- Teachers say Bike It has transformed their schools. Children are energised, excited, ready to learn and travelling safely and independently.
- Everyone loves the empty car parks and full bicycle sheds. 
- Local authorities enjoy the success of Bike It in their areas which has attracted the praise and attention of many Government ministers and national newspapers and TV. 

Parents know that we are offering something really positive for their child and many join in our bike events and school projects. Many help to run bike clubs and are keen to pick up information on safe cycling and help their child to receive cycle training in school. All trust us to do everything we can to help their child towards a healthier, happier journey to school."

For more information about how your school can become more cycling friendly please email


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