Sunday, 29 April 2007

London Marathon

image_server.cfmA marathon is a great thing to do in life. You only have to do one to call yourself a 'Marathon Runner'. It is something I think is within everyone's capabilities, and yet is also a superb accomplishment for anyone who finishes one, whether your time is '2 hours 5 minutes' or '5 hours 2 minutes'.
The London marathon was hot and hard, and yet the support given to you by half-a-million strangers was so uplifting. I stopped to stretch out cramped hamstrings at 21 miles and the crowd was genuinely concerned for me. When I began running again the cheer was Hollywood-esque, and truly uplifting!
Supporting a charity makes completing a marathon even more rewarding. I was supporting Hope and Homes for Children, old friends of mine, and I was glad that my 2 hours 58 minutes of pain (a long-term ambition of mine was to break 3 hours) will help achieve something positive.
Sign up for a marathon today: I promise you that you will never regret it.



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