Thursday, 20 September 2007

They think it's all over...

Wow. The deadline was 9am. The email was sent at 3am. Bed. Sweet sleep. Aaahhhh...... BEEPBEEPBEEP! The Alarm! Aggghhh! 4.45?!?! What was going on?!
...I had set my alarm wrong. Going to bed absolutely exhausted at 3 I had somehow set the alarm for 4.45 rather than 8 o'clock! This spaced-out weariness does not bode well for me having written anything particularly pretty in my final chapters, but -to be honest- I wanted only to sleep.
The last few weeks of book-writing have been so, so busy and it is a delight that they are over.
Book 2 is finished. I hope it's OK!
People have been so kind about my first book that I have felt nervous about the pressure of matching up to that level. I really hope it is OK...
But, at least, this is really the end of the 'Round the World by Bike' days. What on earth am I going to do for the next 40 years...


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