Thursday, 28 February 2008


With less than a month to go I should be finishing off my training into a highly tuned racing snake. Instead I'm hauling up and down lengths of the local swimming pool, stewing and hissing with frustration like water droplets on a hot stove. My foot still hurts but the unforgiving minute will not wait and I just have to do what I can with the time available.
So I've been to the Doctor for my compulsory check-up (all clear) and am off to hospital for the ECG next week. I'm loaded up on dehydrated food and this afternoon I went to Profeet to get hold of some shoes two sizes too big to accommodate my soon-to-be swollen and aching feet.
I know that they are giving me stuff for free, but it is not in my nature to be a sycophant so please do trust me when I say how impressive a set-up it is. Real attention to detail and an expert's eye that makes you realise how vital your shoes are when running: all that weight pounding down through your feet for mile after mile...
Anyway, they've rebuilt my custom insole to try to help my tendonitis and I'm feeling more upbeat than I have for weeks. I truly believe that without Profeet my team and I would have suffered far greater injuries from the volume of training we have been doing.
All I can do now is resign myself to arriving on the start line in whatever condition I find myself in on the day, then doing my damndest, and not whinging or making excuses afterwards.
(And some inspirational tunes might help too...)



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