Sunday, 4 May 2008

By Bike and Boat to the Middle East

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Whilst cycling through the Yukon I bumped into adventurer
and enjoyed cycling and chatting with him. He (and his wife) have now arrived in London on their next great expedition:

From the rugged highlands of Scotland husband-and-wife team Julie and Colin Angus will row 6,500 km to Aleppo, Syria in the heart of the Middle East.  Their course will follow ancient transportation corridors traditionally used for trade and migration. They will experience and learn about the rich cultural tapestry that comprises present Europe and the Middle East in a manner that continues to promote environmentally responsible travel as with their previous travels. 
A corresponding school program will tie in with this expedition to promote active living, environmental stewardship and a curiosity of foreign cultures and landscapes.  Educators and students worldwide are invited to participate in this program, which will involve relevant curriculum, interactive weekly interviews with students using online conferencing software, and student participation in the adventure.
Connecting Scotland and Syria with a human-powered voyage also has a personal significance for the team.  Colin’s mother and father both hail from northern Scotland and Julie’s father is from Syria.  The journey will allow the couple to explore their family history.  In an age where globalization and cultural integration is the norm, it will enable the duo to reflect on their origins and unravel the events that led to their union in western Canada.
Two amphibious rowboats have been constructed for the journey.  The vessels each carry a bicycle and trailer which will allow them to travel on roads and bicycle paths as well as water.
Read more about their adventure

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