Monday, 22 September 2008

Project Harar Ethiopia

Today I had a very inspiring lunch with Jonathan Crown, founder of Project Harar Ethiopia. He was passionate, ambitious and determined to make an impact in the lives of young people with severe facial disfigurements in the poorest areas of Ethiopia.
Here are the key points of their work:
• We treat patients with a facial disfigurement no matter what the cause of their illness, injury or disability.
• We go to the people in need. We save our patients the ordeal and expense of travelling to a big city, where they may not even be suitable for treatment.
• We support a guardian to accompany our young patients and give moral encouragement to the children.
• We work in partnership with Ethiopian and European medics to ensure our work leaves a lasting positive impact on the capacity of the Ethiopian healthcare system.
• We give long-term after-care, ensure that secondary procedures are carried out and that our young patients thrive at home.
To learn more about their work please do visit their website.

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