Monday, 8 September 2008

To succeed we need to rise above the greyness

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I wrote a while back about the need to rise above the rest. Success comes by standing out from the crowd, offering something different, being bold and having confidence in what you do. People may not agree with you, but that's probably just because they don't understand.
Follow your own path, with pride, and do it well.

(In other news: summer is truly over. I'm back from my summer holiday, and struggling to get back into getting out of bed at 6 to hit the gym. Yuk!)

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Blogger Ferre said...

Hello Alastair,

Once in a while I return to your webpage. It is always interesting to read your comments.
Especially this one.
I have decided to follow my heart, just for 1 year. I go to Bangladesh to volunteer in the slums of Dhaka.
I didn't expect hip hip hurray from my family/friends.
But what I receive is complete disregard not even some understanding of what my motivation is.
(I do not write this as a complaint but as an observation)
Nonetheless I follow my path with pride and I try to do well!

9 September 2008 at 09:57  
Blogger Alastair said...

You'll not regret it, Ferre! I found setting off really hard, but never have I regretted taking that bold step...
Good luck! Send me a postcard!

15 September 2008 at 14:24  

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