Tuesday, 17 October 2006

How I am selling my book

One reason that I decided to cycle round the world was to start making a career as a writer.
Unfortunately many people have had the same idea and I have been unable to find a decent publisher for my book:

"oh, not another travel book:
I already read that one about the guy with his fridge..."

"Aagh!! Not another book about cycling:
Lance Armstrong already wrote one of those."

When I did find a publisher she offered 25p a book: not great for a £10 book, 5 years of my life and potential saddle-inflicted impotence.
So, eventually realising that this could all be a new challenge rather than just a disappointment,
I have decided to do it myself.

I will do this by:
* Giving away -absolutely FREE-
of the book,
Moods of Future Joys
, so that you can try before you buy.
* Publishing sample chapters of
Moods of Future Joys
-absolutely FREE- as
for you to listen to on your MP3 player or computer whenever you want.
* Publishing the book myself. No middle men, nobody to blame for mistakes.
* Marketing the book myself, online and through public speaking.
* Donating a percentage of the profits of the book to Hope and Homes for Children.
* Paying a Carbon Tax to offset the carbon dioxide produced in printing and delivering the book.
* Regularly updating the blogs, Podcasts and photos on this site to entice you to return to the site again and again and learn about future events and expeditions.
* Inviting reviews, comments and criticism on my first book to ensure that the second book is even better.
* Offering discounted rates for my
appointments in proportion to books sold at the event.
* Offering discounted rates for bulk purchases.
* Publishing sample chapters of my next book -absolutely FREE- as Podcasts and to read, in order to get you excited about future releases.
* Publishing sample chapters of my children's book -absolutely FREE- as Podcasts and to read.



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