Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Tough Guy!

tough-guy-competition-9tough-guy-competition-2tough-guy-competition-8tough-guy-competition-7TOUGH GUY
A very, very silly day out...
How do you get your kicks when the adventure is over, life is busy, and only the weekends are free? Myself, my brother, my friend Pete, and his buddies set off to compete in the annual Tough Guy cometition last Sunday. Thousands of people run eight 'country miles' then throw themselves at the 'Killing Fields'- a ludicrously muddy, wet and cold assault course. Holding your breath to plunge under water, wading through swamps, running through piles of burning straw, clambering over giant cargo nets: it is all great fun, if a little silly. This was the first of (hopefully) many similar events I will be doing to keep raising funds for Hope and Homes for Children. If you would like to make a donation please click



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