Monday, 24 September 2007

Movie Premiere

Screenshot_1 In the summer of 2006, Snowline travelled to the Indian Himalaya to shoot the short film, ‘Special Delivery’, a dramatisation based on a true story.
Special Delivery is the account of a box belonging to a Zanskari that is taken on a journey past some of the highest mountains on Earth.
The film follows the owner as he drives the box to his home, where its secret is finally revealed.

On Thursday October 11 at 7pm, the flagship Apple Store on Regent Street in London will host the premiere of Special Delivery. Al Boardman, Paul Deegan and Seb Mankelow will introduce the film, describing the origins of the movie, the challenges associated with shooting high definition footage in the Himalaya, and how they brought the 15 minute film together over a period of seven months and a distance of three continents.
Entrance to the premiere is free. Reservations are not possible in the 100 seat theatre, so please arrive early to be guaranteed a seat.
The best way to get there, of course, is to cycle to the venue.


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