Thursday, 29 November 2007

Thunder and Sunshine

ThunderCover My new book, Thunder and Sunshine* is finished at long last! There has been a fair amount of sweat, stress, late nights and espressos involved to get it done, but done it is and happy am I. Relieved anyway. I'm looking forward to having a life again.
People talk about that 'tricky second book' so I'm interested to see how it fares compared to my first book. It's a big book, but it could have been so much bigger. We've chopped 60,000 words out of the original draft to get it down to a size that stops it being classified as a dangerous weapon. I hope you enjoy it. You can buy it here, read the whole thing for free here or look for something more interesting to do with your time here.
As for what I do with myself now for the next 50 years... Well, that's my problem, really, but I'd love some ideas.

*'Thunder and Sunshine' (taken from
) is the new title for the book I originally called 'Blue Mountains'. I felt that 'Blue Mountains' sounded as though the book was about mountains and its allusion to Elroy Flecker's Golden Journey poem was a bit too obtuse. I hope that 'Thunder and Sunshine' conjures up impressions of hard times and good times... It trips off the tongue a little easier than the much-maligned '
' too!

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