Sunday, 10 February 2008

25 metres to the next horizon

I realised this week that I have been breaking one of my own cardinal rules.
I have always procrastinated doing an Ironman* event because I felt that there was no way I was able to swim far enough.
And yet I am also a firm believer that "you'll never know unless you try." Due to having tendonitis my training has all been in the pool this week (thanks to a reader, Brian, who reminded me not to sit around moping and to actually do something to keep fit till my foot recovers). I hate swimming. It's boring. Kids are noisy. Old people are slow. There's always been excuses...
But a few days ago I swam a mile. The next day I swam 2 kilometres. And yesterday morning, before a gigantic and voracious breakfast, I swam 2 miles and returned home excited to have been reminded how much potential we all have, if only we are willing to test it.

I'm off to Belfast tonight, doing some speaking engagements for Sustrans and trying to encourage more children to cycle to school. I'm looking forward to it: I've never been to Northern Ireland.

[*swim 2.3 miles, cycle 112 miles, run a marathon]

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