Sunday, 27 January 2008


A busy weekend.
A 3 hour run, carrying weight, on Friday night, dodging city boys heading for their All Bar One gatherings, tourists strolling excitedly and on along the Thames to the bright lights of Canary Wharf. It really strikes me how hard it is to train for a desert race in London!
Then Saturday morning it's back on with the distinctive rucsac plus front pouches that marks you out in Richmond Park and slogging out a painful 4 hour run with
, nodding knowingly at fellow trainers plodding their own way round the park. It just takes so much time. That's my biggest difficulty of all this training...
(Thank goodness for my
: fingers crossed it seems to have cured my shin splints, my knees and my hips, as well as sparing me from blisters... Great stuff!)
Then off for a
to toast the haggis and drown my aching limbs in
. I'm not sure a 4am egg fight in the kitchen was ideal training, but it was certainly amusing!



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