Friday, 11 January 2008


Yuk. It's pouring down. It's dark. It's late. It's windy. The longer I can make this blog entry the less time I will have to spend out in the rain training.
But it's the nights in the rain when the excuses are flowing freely that you've got to get out there. Get out there and run. Run like you mean it. Run slow. Run fast. Do what you want. But get out there. That's all you've got to do. Because the mental triumph of closing the front door behind you, of zipping up your rain coat and running off down that wet and shining pavement is what will get the very best out of you on race day. You need those moments of strength to give you the resolve to drain the very dregs of your strength to get you to the finish line to the very best of your ability.
So I'm not going to write any more. I'm going to run. I owe it to myself.



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