Friday, 30 May 2008

The State of the Nation

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Last night I went to a lecture about night photography. I hoped I may learn a bit of geeky technical information to help me improve my own pictures. Instead I came away with such a powerful image of the state of my country for so many young people here. How I wish I could get each one of the young people in these pictures and haul them to the top of Ben Nevis for a sunrise or get them jogging round the park at sunrise, getting fit for a 10k race. How I would love to be able to show them a way to get away from the cities and into the hills, out of their frustrated, unfulfilled comfort zones and show them how alive you feel when you are scared but in control, tired but focussed, hungry but heading back to the campfire and food...
Stunning pictures, stunning message.
Knife crime in Glasgow:

Binge drinking in Cardiff:

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