Sunday, 29 June 2008

Advice for the Antarctic

"Courage alone will not take you far in the Antarctic as we knew it in its old man-hauling days. The lady gave the bus conductor a penny and said "how far will it take me?" "To the door of the Ritz," was the answer, "but it will not take you far inside."
Courage or ambition, or love of notoriety, may take you to the Antarctic, or any other uncomfortable place in the world, but it won't take you far inside without being found out; its courage: and unselfishness: and helping one another: and sound condition: and willingness to put in every ounce you have: and clean living: and good temper: and tact: and good judgment: and faith. And the greatest of these is faith, especially a faith that what you are doing is of use. It's the idea which carries men on." - Apsley Cherry Garrard

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