Wednesday, 30 July 2008

South Pole anyone?

Hmmm... The firm that has long pledged to back SOUTH in order to promote their values of
achieving potential, overcoming difficulties, pursuing passions, supporting the community etc etc etc has bailed out on us. This was not credit crunch belt tightening, it was just playing safe, taking the easy option and choosing to coast rather than striving to achieve their potential. I don't blame them for choosing this route, I just don't respect them for it. But there's no sour grapes in the SOUTH office at being led a merry dance for months and now left highish and dryish with just 3 months to raise several weeks' worth of John Terry's salary. We feel unleashed, galvanised, determined. We also realise that we are really up against it now if we are to pull this off. Any ideas, please do

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