Sunday, 25 February 2007


"Have I got my Mojo back?"
That's the question I ask myself, excited, as I extend and extend and extend my Christmas Day run. I keep running. I don't look for excuses to shirk, to cut corners, to come home early. My legs feel good, my lungs are bellowing powerfully and it feels great to have time to run again.
2007 ended in a rather manic rush; my publisher continually pushing back the publication date for
, the late nights of frantic editing becoming later and later and the early mornings pushing ever closer back towards the end of the late nights. So the training suffered. I had to give up my plan to do the MdS as hard and fast as I possibly could. I came up with a new plan - to just try to finish the thing, to push myself hard, but not to expect a great position.
But now I am free. The calendar is empty, the New Year's resolution to "be less busy" bodes well for more time out in the sunshine and the rain, drinking it all in, and looking for excuses to run further, not excuses to come home.



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