Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lost in translation

My first book is in the process of being translated into Romanian. It is funny to see the words the translator has struggled with, despite her excellent English. Strung together it sounds quite poetic:

Pull it off, tarmac, to run the gauntlet (among the Bulgarians), clarion , chisel-jawed, Take stock of, scrum, snogger - snog, quiff, brogues, wonky, gawpers, dump, I could not stick it out, bucking, jack it all in, beeping, I would be having a ball, hemmed, dodgy, con, mojo, prosy, in treacle, swanky, cringing at, bail out, bobbed, clime, swathe, overwhelmed, like some grave mighty thought threading a dream, uncluttered, clouting, think only this of me, to have a crack, to take a bearing on, blancmange, grotty, swilling, scrummaging, wangle, sod it, lee, Greensleeves, doing bugger all, taut, F***ed up!, woopee, mead, glugging, fledgling, tout, swill, excarpment, psyched himself up, gauntlet, jarred, Foofighters, all worked up, smoke joints, ganja, wiggling, red-hot cattle prod, joystick, King's Road (Maasai), been tipped off, Oh f***ity, sh***ing, b***dy, f***ity, f***ity, f*** , shambolic, from red herring to red herring, boaters, faze, succour, do over, fast-tracking, panel beater , wellington boots, pandemonium, spuming, “takeaway”, squirming, feistiness - feisty, Table Mountain


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