Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sailing to Antarctica?

I received this very exciting email. Sadly I had to decline, but perhaps it may appeal to you? What an opportunity!

"Please help. Are you the person we are looking for? Do you know the person we are looking for?

In about one week the Blizzard is due to set sail from Punta Arenas in the south of Chile, 9000 miles across the Southern Ocean to the South Magnetic Pole.

The mission is the final leg of Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper's 180 Degrees expedition from magnetic pole to magnetic pole see

The voyage will take around two months and will end in Sydney in early April.

We are one crew member short. We are looking for a tough, fit, experienced sailor/adventurer to join the team.

This is very last minute and would involve being on a plane to Punta Arenas by the end of this week. All travel expenses will be paid and we can promise the trip of a lifetime.

If you are interested in getting involved or you know of someone who fits the bill and you think it would be worth us approaching, please get in touch, as it is essential we find our last crew person.

For more information on the Blizzard and her skipper David Pryce visit


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