Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blogging from Flickr

Rage has been all the rage in the last few weeks. My website has grown so unwieldy that it has become unmanageable. So I have been trying to switch so that I can use Google's Blogger to feed directly (via RapidBlog, if you care) to my RapidWeaver website. Trying. Very trying.
Anyway, I've finally nailed it.
And so, as the memories of pain fade towards a rose-tinted blur, I've decided to try to see now if I can get Flickr to speak to my website (via Blogger, via Rapidblog). So this doesn't make for a very exciting blog entry (though I hope you like the picture). But if it works ('if': such a small word, such a big 'IF') then I'll be able to start sharing some of the amazing photographs on Flickr with you. It's the site I use to learn so much from in my quest to become a competent photographer.
Right. Time to click 'Go'. Deep breath... Prepare for rage...



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