Thursday, 14 August 2008

Free books! Why give them away?

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I have been asked a few times why I give my books away for free. For me there is no question of the benefits of doing this. I make little money from writing and am more focussed on the potential benefits of getting my books out to as wide an audience as possible. If a million people read my book for free online I would be delighted. I would not make any money from it but, if those people liked the book, they might buy a real copy for friends and family as presents. More people will learn about Hope and Homes for Children, more people will learn about my expeditions. Sponsorship opportunities may arise, helping me take on future expeditions.
I'm not the only person who sees benefits in giving stuff away for free. This is an interesting article on the subject. Another one here, focused more on the Web 2.0 angles.

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