Monday, 18 August 2008

The Man who Cycled the World (...errr... not me!)

The Man who Cycled the World. Not me - no, Mark Beaumont puts me to shame! What took me over 4 years to complete took Mark just 194 days, shattering the world record for cycling round the world. I don't envy him his ride or record; I did my ride for different reasons. But it was a bloody good effort, Mark's a really genuine guy, and I hope you'll watch the four-part, prime time TV documentary about his expedition. It begins tonight at 10.35 on BBC1.
You may also have seen Mark on the new Orange ad on TV.

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Blogger Andy said...

46,000 miles versus 18,000 miles - there is only one hero here. Mark's ride was very impressive but it will never put your Round the World 'the long way up, round and down' to shame!

18 August 2008 at 13:37  

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