Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Bike it

I've just spent a rewarding, if exhausting, week giving 16 talks to help Sustrans encourage more kids to cycle to school through a fun idea whereby children receive virtual miles for every time they cycle to school. These are totted up and the progress plotted on a map of the route that I took round the world. Schools compete against each other, and teachers can help out too as they earn double miles each time they get on their bikes!
Millions of children want to ride to school, yet less than 1% do. Parent paranoia, laziness and busy roads are some of the many obstacles that Jill and William in Northern Ireland, and Kathy in Lancaster, are working hard to overcome. Sustrans are doing so many really interesting projects related to cycling, from cycle lanes, to getting kids riding, to artwork linked to cycling. Check them out here.



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